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Our Team


Melanie Swenarchuk, Senior Business Develpment Manager

Melanie Swenarchuk

Senior Business Development Manager

EQ Type: Cultural explorer - I absolutely love travelling whether it is in my own province or exploring new destinations. I love the challenge of complex journeys and exploring spontaneously without set itineraries. Travels with close friends and family are the most fun, as I love sharing the experiences along the way.

Michel LaRivière

Michel LaRivière

International Marketing Specialist

EQ Type: I'm a Free Spirit because I love to travel, live for adventure and while on a trip, I want to see and experience everything on my bucket list.

Cindy Perrett, International Marketing Specialist

Cindy Perrett

International Marketing Specialist

EQ Type: I am an Authentic Experiencer because when I travel I love having the freedom to stop in the moment and take in the amazing scenery or blend in with the locals at a market or festival.