Discover Manitoba Under The Northern Lights

Manitoba is home to some of the most magnificent displays of the aurora borealis on earth. With peak viewing season from January to March, the winter months draw travellers from around the world to witness this celestial display. 

But the northern lights are only part of the experience. From mornings spent fishing on frozen lakes or dog sledding across the subarctic to afternoons spent snowshoeing in pristine woodlands or wildlife watching on the tundra, your winter days will be as busy as your winter nights. You can sleep when you get home.



Take in the view from a cozy tundra vehicle, a heated viewing dome or a pop-up restaurant in a 300-year-old fort...or bundle up and step right out onto the tundra in one of the top three spots on the planet to see the northern lights.  With aurora activity occurring over 300 nights a year, there's no better place for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Northern Manitoba

Explore the hundreds of kilometres of well-maintained snowmobile trails on the Snoman network or plan your stay at a lakeside lodge for days of fishing, hiking and more between nightly viewings. When dark falls, find yourself a viewing spot away from town lights and look to the skies—this far north, the lights aren't hard to find all year-round.

Southern Manitoba

Grab your camera and head to one of our many provincial or national parks, or pack your bags for an overnight stay in cottage country. Spend your days skating, skiing and snowshoeing across lakes and through forests and your nights watching the best light show on earth. Even if you stay close to Winnipeg you can still catch the northern lights—don't forget to look up!