Parks and Nature

You could spend an entire summer — and a good chunk of the winter — exploring the natural wonders in northern Manitoba’s provincial parks and Wapusk National Park.

Discover ancient Indigenous history and follow in the wake of fur traders on monumental canoe routes. Hike to majestic waterfalls, explore cave formations that were millions of years in the making and marvel at spectacular wilderness scenery at every turn. Cross-country ski, ride a snowmobile or don a pair of snowshoes for a winter romp. Spend long summer days on a sandy beach, brave a whitewater canoe trip or enjoy some of the best trophy fishing anywhere — just don’t forget to snap a photo to prove you caught the big one.

Some experiences can’t be captured on film. But when you hear the mournful call of a loon or the call-and-response howls of wolves in the night, they’ll leave an indelible imprint on your memory.

Camp out under the northern lights and you’ll understand why they’re called dancing spirits. You can rough it at back-country sites or enjoy the relative luxury of a rented yurt or drive-through RV site in a campground equipped with all the amenities, including hot showers and electrical hookups.

Need help planning your park adventure? Visit the Wapusk National Park or Manitoba Parks websites.