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Manitoba Museum

Set sail on a thrilling voyage of excitement and discovery at the Manitoba Museum. Only here can you travel through time, explore a 17th-century replica ship, stroll through fields and forests, and hear the stories of the people and events that shaped our province.

There is always more to discover. Ever-changing touring and specialty exhibits bring the word to Manitoba and compliment to our permanent galleries for fascinating immersive experiences.

The Museum Galleries are currently open Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from 11 am to 5 pm. Special July admission is only $7 per person. The Planetarium and Science Gallery remain closed due to government restrictions.

The Manitoba Museum is the recipient of the Michelin Green Guide top award, a designation of Worth the Trip; the Province of Manitoba Tourism Service Excellence Award; the Attractions Canada Prix Award for indoor attractions; the Canadian Tourism Commission Win with Winter in Canada Award; the Spirit of Winnipeg Award for innovation in not-for-profit organizations; and the Travel Manitoba Marketing Excellence Award for "Dinosaurs Unearthed."

Ours is one of only five major planetariums in the country and features new Digistar technology and live multimedia shows. Science Communicators recreate the current night sky, highlight the latest space discoveries and follow the developments of the space program.

The Science Gallery includes "Engineered for Speed" where visitors design and build their own remote-controlled race cars and test them on our giant race track, a water area with a self-sustained ecosystem, the the LEGO Brickyard, and an Explore Science Zone with multiple hands-on activities.