Winnipeg has always danced to its own beat. 

A hive of culture, commerce and creative life, Manitoba's largest city embraces its multifarious history: Ancient Aboriginal camp, fur-trade centre, booming transportation hub - even its "wickedest city in the dominion" years. 

Blaze your own trail, starting at The Forks. With its scenic riverwalk, it's a destination for four-season recreation, festivals, shopping, fine dining and cocktails.

The Forks is also home to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, opening in 2014. With its mountain-like exterior, the museum is just one of the city's architectural gems. The Winnipeg Art Gallery resembles a ship's prow and nearby, the Manitoba Legislative Building's classic elements hold hints of mystic symbolism.

The Exchange District's 19th-century buildings house art galleries, chic nightclubs, eclectic shops and culinary delights from poutine to hauté cuisine. Take a trek through time at the Manitoba Museum and cruise the theatre district. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Manitoba Opera, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre are hot tickets and the Exchange is the scene of the second-largest fringe theatre festival on the continent. 

Browse funky shops and sample the nightlife in destination neighbourhoods like Osborne Village, Corydon Avenue's Little Italy and the French quarter of St. Boniface, where you can party like a fur-trader during Festival du Voyageur.

The city has an abundance of parks, where you'll find outdoor stages, stately gardens, biking paths, skating rinks and more. Visit polar bears Storm and Hudson at the Assiniboine Park Zoo International Polar Bear Conservation Centre and commune with nature at Fort Whyte Alive, an urban haven for deer, bison and waterfowl. 

Baseball, football and hockey fans will find much to cheer about, and music lovers tune in when the city hums with the rhythm of its jazz, blues and folk festivals. Don't miss a beat. 

Learn more about what to explore in Winnipeg at Tourism Winnipeg, or for information on Winnipeg's city tours view the brochure here.

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