WinterruptionWPG 2023 - Porches and special guests

Jan 20

  • Admission: $25 + Service Fees
  • Time: 9:00 PM to 11:45 PM

I’ve been making music as Porches since 2009. It’s an ongoing exploration of any sound or idea that I find interesting. Ideally, as time passes, these seemingly disparate ideas will become unified in the context of the Porches catalogue. Kind of like a public diary.

My new album, Ricky Music, was written and recorded between Dec 2017 and the spring of 2019. Mostly in New York at my apartment, but some of it in Chicago, Los Angeles, and various cities while touring around Europe.

This record is an account of the beauty, confusion, anger, joy and sadness I experienced during that time. I think I was as lost as I was madly in love. In these songs, I hear myself, sometimes desperate for clarity. Other times, I have enough perspective to laugh at myself during my darkest moments. That’s sort of what this album is about.

I hope you enjoy it.