WinterruptionWPG 2023 - Motherhood, Virgo Rising, & Bedtime

Jan 26

  • Admission: $12 + Service Fees
  • Time: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM

A trio of deep-thinkin’ rippers, New Brunswick’s Motherhood achieve one very rare and uncomplicated feat: they sound EXCITING on record and stage alike. Unlike so many awkward experiments by peers and ‘adventurous’ contemporary rock outfits, Motherhood’s music explodes with the kind of charm and exuberance you just can't put an order in for.

Brydon Crain (guitar, vocals), Penelope Stevens (bass, keys, vocals) and Adam Sipkema (drums) have been linking arms and running into rock n’ roll oblivion repeatedly for the past decade. Like cowpunk without the jadedness, dust rock without the drymouth; a thinkin’ people’s union for the fearless 21st.


Virgo Rising like to describe themselves as “three sad girls making songs in Winnipeg,” but those familiar with the band know that this undersells the scope and depth of their vision. Attend a show or hear their recordings and discern what the members themselves wouldn’t likely admit; their music is daring, their instincts are sharp, and they have a masterful grasp on exactly what it is they’re trying to create.

Emily Sinclair and sisters Lauren and Jenna Wittmann carefully construct bedroom pop unconstrained by convention; while weaving together themes of growing up, femininity, self-love, self-contempt, and authenticity, they ensure each song lives in its own sonic space, unafraid to end up in unexpected places while doing so.


Bedtime was born out of a quarantine daze by Hailey Primrose and Mirella Villa, with distorted dreamy guitar floating above heavy bass melodies and celestial, harmonic vocals. Neither awake nor asleep with lyrics that gently draw the unconscious out of slumber, Bedtime’s music is a soothing balm for sore ears. Keep your eyes open for new music from this ethereal duo in the near future.