ULTIMATE DINOSAURS Blockbuster Exhibition

Aug 16 - Sep 05

  • Admission: See our website for admission prices.

Come and see giant full-scale skeletons of dinosaurs from the other side of the world in the blockbuster exhibition, ULTIMATE DINOSAURS, between May 21 and September 5, 2022 at the Manitoba Museum.

Based on recent, ground-breaking research from scientists around the world, ULTIMATE DINOSAURS reveals dinosaurs from South America, Africa, and Madagascar. Meet GIGANOTOSAURUS, SUCHOMIMUS, OURANOSAURUS, and other dinosaurs unknown to most North Americans.

This exhibition combines rarely seen creatures with interactive stations that highlight the scientific study of fossils. It includes augmented reality technology that transforms the huge dinosaur skeletons into flesh-covered moving creatures right before your eyes!

ULTIMATE DINOSAURS also examines the break-up of super continent Pangaea into the continents that we know today and illustrates how plate tectonics and changing land masses affected the evolution of dinosaurs.

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