Race the North Face Brandon Hills

Sep 09

Hope you are ready to run some of the best trails in central Canada! Brandon Hills is a hidden gem with over 50km of single-track flowing through hills created by a massive glacier deposit. The 25 and 50km take you across the iconic SPINE that rises above the trees for 2.5 kilometers giving prairie views that will take your breath away. Also, forget for a few minutes that the prairies are flat, as our 50km course boasts 1200m of elevation gain, GET THOSE HILL REPS IN!

The 10km and 25km routes will both be single loop courses, while the 50km will be two loops, so you know exactly what kinda of suffering to be endured on round two... The 10km is a great introduction to true trail running, its hard, hilly, often hot but short enough you'll be wanting more. If you want the FULL Brandon Hills tour you have to do at least 25km, which gives you a little taste of everything the hills have to offer, and if you are into going far and digging really deep, while claiming the bragging rights of being an ULTRA FINISHER, the 50km is right for you! All 3 are awesome, end of story.