Lana Winterhalt with Cec Lopez at the West End Neighbourhood Patio

Aug 26

  • Admission: $15 + Service Fees
  • Time: 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and indie-pop artist Lana Winterhalt delivers enigmatic and layered compositions inspired by junky breakups, insomnia, and true love, all in an attempt to leave you feeling sparkly and weightless. Whether it be her vocals that float effortlessly with warm restraint or playful pop melodies featured on her debut full-length album If & When (2018), Winterhalt is experimental and bold yet warm and familiar. After releasing 3 unique projects over the course of the pandemic, signing with High Priestess Publishing, forming the Good + Plenty Producer’s Club and participating in the Women in the Studio National Accelerator 2021, Lana is ready to bring her perfected sound of grandiose harmonies and dusty guitars to fresh ears all across Canada and beyond. From heartbreak to pure bliss and quiet ambience to exploding soundscapes, Lana Winterhalt's artistry is the kind that sinks deep into your soul, and intends to stay there.