Lace Up to End Diabetes

Sep 24 - Sep 30

Join the movement to End Diabetes

Every September, thousands of Lacers from coast to coast to coast take the #LaceUpYourWay challenge to raise funds and awareness for Diabetes Canada. Anyone at any fitness level can participate! Join a distance challenge or start a daily streak in the Lace Up app. Share it with your circle and tell them why you Lace Up to raise funds in support of Diabetes Canada.

Every 3 minutes a person in Canada is diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes. That's why we Lace Up! Every dollar raised helps fund education, support services like D-Camps, advocacy, and diabetes research that could lead to the next medical breakthrough.

How to #LaceUpYourWay

- Go the distance. Choose your favourite endurance activity and track how many kilometres you move on the Lace Up app. Join the 10k, marathon, or 100k Challenge!

- Start a daily streak. See how many days in a row you can get moving. Go all month long by joining the 30-Day Challenge!

- Host a game day or event. Fundraise with tickets to play or watch your favourite sport, or a fitness event at your local facility, park, or studio.

- Match movement for dollars. Let your supporters set your pace! Commit to completing kilometres or repetitions for every donation you receive.

For more information about Lace Up to End Diabetes visit