La Cenerentola

Apr 02 - Apr 08

  • Admission: $50+

In this variation of the beloved fairy tale Cendrillon, La Cenerentola (pronounced “Chen – erentola”) tells the story of a young woman who is forced to act as a servant to her pompous and mean social-climbing stepfather and ungrateful sisters. The fairy godmother is replaced by Alidoro, a mysterious philosopher and the prince’s tutor who comes to her aid.

When she and the prince (disguised as a servant) meet, it is love at first sight. However, despite her stepsisters’ best efforts, it is Cenerentola who wins the hand of the prince – her goodness alone suffices. Along the way from servant to princess, she overcomes many obstacles with pluck and courage, defying everyone who stands in her way. And even though her family has been cruel, the resilient Cenerentola forgives them and finds happiness with her new husband.