Kwaata-nihtaawakihk: A Hard Birth

May 18 - Sep 05

  • Admission: FREE-$18

Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Province of Manitoba in 2020, A Hard Birth will take you on a journey through history from a Métis perspective by pairing artwork with archival materials. Kwaata-nihtaawakihk is Michif for hard birth.

Manitoba’s entry into Canadian confederation was fraught, marked not only by organized resistance, but also by deep and careful thinking about the future and its possibilities. Kwaata-nihtaawakihk – A Hard Birth (pronounced kwa-ta knee-ta wa kick) will prompt you to reflect on the Metis nation’s role in Manitoba’s creation and consider the significance of the events of 1869-70 in relation to our current times. This exhibition will guide you to a better understanding of the Metis, Anishinaabek, Cree, and European experiences of debate and negotiation, displacement, trauma, and resilience.