Kaleb Dahlgren - 'Creating Communities' Dinner

Nov 29

  • Admission: $100.00
  • Time: 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

From a young age, Kaleb had no choice but to be resilient. His hockey career was threatened before it started by a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes at 4 years old. Yet Kaleb proved his doctors and coaches wrong by going on to play hockey at an elite level. During his career, he played for the Humboldt Broncos - a team that made national news when their bus collided with a transport truck. The accident took away 16 lives and left only 13 survivors, many of them with lifelong injuries.

Kaleb is one of the survivors.

In the face of adversity, one can either back down or stand up and fight. Kaleb never backs down.

A natural-born leader, Kaleb works hard to better every community he’s involved in. Whether it’s the Humboldt community, the diabetes community or the York Lions- Kaleb isn’t afraid to take on a leadership role. He has received over a dozen awards for his community and team commitments. He knows what it takes to be a leader and is ready to teach others how to embrace their leadership qualities within themselves.

Dinner starts at 6:00pm catered by Arlene Dueck and served by The Winkler Flyers.

Dinner music provided by 'Jazz by Jayme and Jonathan'.

Keynote speaker begins at 7:30pm.