Jonathan Jones

April 20

  • Admission: $12 | WAG Members FREE

In celebration of the opening of Qaumajaq, the Inuit art centre, the WAG curatorial team have installed Jonathan Joness untitled (infinity).

Untitled (infinity) is located at the physical conjunction point between Biindigin Biwaasaeyaah (the Ojibway name for the Winnipeg Art Gallery) and Qaumajaq. In many ways, this sculpture represents a figurative confluence of peoples, cultures, and ideas.

Part ready-made, part sculpture, part conceptual light installation untitled (infinity) is composed of multiple fluorescent light bulbs fused side by side into a form resembling that of the infinity symbol featured on the Métis flag. The parallels between Métis culture, and Franco-British history was particularly resonant with Jones, whose own identity is a mix of Indigenous and French descent.

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