Glenn Buhr and the Fallen Angels Orchestra featuring Duncan Mercredi, Scott Nolan, and Victoria Sparks

Nov 19

  • Admission: $25/$30 + service fees
  • Time: 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM

The DreamPlay Collage Concert series is the brainchild of composer/musician Glenn Buhr. He's the founding curator of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's New Music Festival, and under his watch the WSO's annual collage concert always drew the largest audience.

A collage concert is a musical circus. Performers sometimes surround the audience. Sometimes the audience surround the performers. Sometimes, the person sitting right next to you is the next performer, and they stand up and play a flute/snare drum solo - with a drummer on stage - as soon as the light snaps on them after the previous song.

It's a magical mix of theatre and music.

This first concert features the songs and stories of Scott Nolan inter-mixed with Duncan Mercredi's poems and stories set to music by Glenn Buhr. And there's a big band: The 15-piece Fallen Angels Orchestra, performing on the floor of the West End Cultural Centre, surrounded by the audience. Our wild card: percussionist Victoria Sparks appears and re-appears through the show, and you never know where she'll show up next, and whether she'll be playing a drum or flower pots or junkyard toys.