GALLERY CLOSED AT THIS TIME - Looking Through: The Silhouettes and Cutaways of Ivan Eyre

January 19

  • Admission: FREE @ WAG@ThePark

This exhibition presents a selection of Ivan Eyre's series of "silhouettes", and "cutaways".

It also studies his fascination with using everyday structures, such as the windowsill or a common packing box as a framing device. For Eyre, these structures were a gateway for "looking through" - and beyond - physical reality as we may commonly perceive it. These frameworks bring us closer to a surreal exploration of time, space, figuration, and subject.

This interesting framing technique gently invites us to look closer, to spend time deciphering the two (or more) images, and to consider fundamental questions of representation, reality, and illusion. Although the gut reaction is to draw a narrative between the multiple subject matters, the more one attempts to do so, the more absurd the individual elements of the image seem to become. These disorienting and complex compositions are an exploration in depth and spatiality, and a play on the traditional figure-ground dependency.

Curated by: Riva Symko

Pictured: Ivan Eyre. Green Eve, 1992. acrylic on canvas, 192.9 x 172.9 cm. Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Gift of the artist, G-92-497.

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