Sep 20 - Sep 26

The timeless Chrysalis process evokes many botanical, philosophical and life meanings. The most well-known meaning is the process of the butterfly materializing from the caterpillar cocoon.

For the Manitoba Society of Artists (MSA), Chrysalis is a symbol of a “state of being” undergoing growth consistently over time.

From its illustrious and prestigious beginnings in 1902 and many transitions throughout its history, MSA has proudly evolved over the last 120 years to become a long standing transformative and timeless art organization which has adapted and embraced the unique circumstances and challenges of today’s world.

Importantly, it has remained committed to recognizing, encouraging and showing work by its members, both emerging and established.

Leo Mol, Walter J.Phillips, LL Fitzgerald, Clarence Tillenius, Eva Stubbs and Tony Tascona among others, as founding members, would most certainly have approved of MSA current initiatives to respond to societal, technological and virtual changes such as the online Open Juried Competition Exhibition, artists’ talks, e-tours, community outreach, e-networking and e-business.

During this shifting time, our eighty MSA members have felt that we are a part of history, of something bigger than ourselves while anchored in the sense of place and home. Members have had the hope and potential to become greater as artists and to make a difference in the flux of growth.

For sixteen MSA artists in this exhibit, it has been a year of cocooning and we are emerging from the chrysalis of creativity to exhibit beautiful art in Chrysalis: MSA 120.Let the celebration begin.

The art Culture can be a protective chrysalis that values the Creativity of art. It is nurturing, enlightening and transformative.