A Star to Steer By

Nov 23

The title of this exhibition is taken from the John Masefield poem Sea Fever. Like Masefield’s poem, this exhibit hopes to convey a sense of longing for time spent on open waters and a deep love and nostalgia for the sea. Pieces in this exhibit have been inspired by the ships of the Age of Sail, which lasted from 16th through the 19th centuries, and the nautical culture that surrounded them. The works of this exhibit are in a variety of media, including ink drawings influenced by nautical woodcuts, especially those of René Quillivic, alcohol ink paintings that pay homage to the navigational techniques used in sailing, pencil crayon pieces that highlight the dangers sailors faced at the edges of the maps, ink illustrations that showcase the complex knotwork sailors relied on, and wire and stone jewellery inspired by the beauty and fluidity of the ocean.