Selfless Documentary Screening

  • Dates:May 31, 2019
  • Location:Evan's Theatre
  • City:Brandon
  • Times:Starting: 7:30 PM
  • Admission:$6.00
  • Address: 270 18th Street Brandon, MB
  • Phone: (604) 768-8214
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  • Website:Visit Website
  • Region: Western
  • Ticket Info: Available at the door

"selfless" the documentary that opens the conversation to the ever growing epidemic with selfies, social media, and technology.

Depression and anxiety rates are at an all time high as we live in an age where young people have never had so much freedom at their fingertips - yet are so confined - with parents and teachers seemingly helpless.

selfless is not an anti-technology film, but rather a reflection on our devices and ultimately asks the question “What are we reaching for?”

In the earliest days of storyboarding we pondered, “If a girl lived in the forest with no mirrors, magazines or social media – what would ‘beautiful’ look like to her and how would she view herself? Then Kuki found us and off the grid we went to the hills of Devon, England where our story began. From there we traveled across Canada and the USA to speak real time in classrooms with students.

All the young people in the documentary offer messages born from their own personal experiences:
Never take more than you give
Happiness is found helping others
Beauty is felt not seen
Life is precious, don't miss it
selfless has received outstanding reviews from HBO Documentaries, Participant Media, Fathom Events, Youth Unlimited, Focus on the Family, and Rotary Clubs.

Selfless Documentary Screening
  • (604) 768-8214
  • 270 18th Street
  • Brandon, MB