Museum’s Choice: Fossil Favourites from Across Canada

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Fascinating fossils can be found in every Canadian province and territory.

Canada’s fossils span the history of life on our planet, from the earliest microscopic life to recently extinct Ice Age beasts. Primitive sea creatures, fossilized plants, fearsome fish and thundering dinosaurs are preserved in rocks laid down in ancient seas and landscapes. You can see and learn about fossils at the Manitoba Museum, at other museums, at local heritage sites, and in parks across the country.

This exhibition features contributions from 11 museums across Canada, showcasing noteworthy fossils that represent significant discoveries and research at these institutions. These include a replica of the Tiktaalik (one of the first vertebrate animals to be able to walk on land), some of the earliest dinosaur footprints, the skull of an ice-age horse, a replica skull of the famous Tyrannosaurus rex, and of course the Manitoba Museum’s giant trilobite Isotelus rex, which holds a Guinness World Record as the world’s largest trilobite.

Image: Tyrannosaurus rex, Cast of the skull, Late Cretaceous, about 66 million years ago, found near Near Eastend, southwestern Saskatchewan
Loaned by the Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Museum’s Choice: Fossil Favourites from Across Canada
  • (204) 956-2830
  • 190 Rupert Avenue
  • Winnipeg, MB