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5 Days: Winnipeg to Churchill


This is the real deal! Five days of travel spanning the length of the province will provide incomparable Manitoba experiences. This unforgettable itinerary will take you from the heart of the continent to Canada's only Arctic seaport.

Note: In order to avoid disappointment, visitors should confirm accommodations and any tours in advance of arriving in Churchill.


Begin your journey near downtown Winnipeg at The Forks. A summer visit means you're sure to experience a constantly changing slate of entertainment, events, great shopping and dining options.

Catch a flight to Thompson from Winnipeg's James A. Richardson International Airport. Be sure to purchase your tickets (as well as those from Thompson to Churchill) through Calm Air in advance.

Check in at one of Thompson's hotels and take a walk along the Spirit Way, which highlights the history and culture of the area. Look out for wolves – these painted statues won’t bite, and neither will the 10-storey wolf mural. Cap off your day with a great dinner at the Burntwood Inn.



Start the day off with a tour of the Heritage North Museum – learn about the boreal forest, the fur trade, First Nations people and the mining heritage of the area.

Catch your one-hour flight north to Churchill. Once you touch down, check in at your pre-booked accommodation. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

After getting settled, hire a local guide to show you around the area. Churchill has a wild history which includes military fortresses, rocket launchers and a plane crash site affectionately known as "Miss Piggy". On your way back to town, snap some great pictures of the M/V Ithaca shipwreck. Hint: you can get much closer when the tide is low.

Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant and then experience a sunset over Hudson Bay by booking a guided tour to Cape Merry National Historic Site. Because polar bears can often be found along the coast even during the summer months, a guided hike is the best choice.



Spend the morning riding across the tundra on the world-renowned Tundra Buggy®, viewing birds, flowers and wildlife.

After lunch, book a half-day tour with the Lazy Bear Lodge or Sea North Tours to experience the beauty of Hudson Bay's beluga whales and learn about the history of the Fort Prince of Wales. If you're brave enough, try kayaking among the whales or snorkelling in the bay. Make sure you book ahead! Note: Beluga tours are dependent on the tide time of the day.

Finish your day with dinner at Gypsy’s Restaurant & Bakery, a favourite with both locals and visitors.



Nature 1st Tours offers half-day and full-day hikes through the boreal forest, taiga, tundra and marine ecosystems surrounding Churchill. Or you can explore these landscapes at a faster pace – try dog sledding on a cart with wheels.

Don't forget to peruse Churchill's many unique shops, and check out the Eskimo Museum for their collection of Inuit art in stone, bone and ivory.

Finish your afternoon at the Parks Canada Interpretive Centre to learn about the history, culture and wildlife throughout the area.



Before catching a flight back to Winnipeg, book a one-hour helicopter ride around Churchill and the area with Hudson Bay Helicopters.