The only place in Manitoba where you can order wood fired pizza on the farm

Posted April 25, 2018 | Author Breanne Sewards

They may not offer delivery, but the 35 minute drive north of Gimli to the little community of Riverton is more than worth its weight - in pizza, that is! Integrity Foods is the only place in Manitoba where you can enjoy wood-fired pizza against the backdrop of a little farm on the prairie.

Integrity Foods is a small family-owned farm that cooks up a totally unique culinary experience for all who pass by on Friday and Saturday nights during the summer months.

And it's gaining notoriety. Pizza Night is quickly becoming a family tradition for cabin-goers in the area, who flock to the farm for wood-fired pizza (cooked in a large outdoor oven) made with garden-fresh produce. For those who like a DIY-approach, there is also an option to browse the garden to select your own pizza toppings - what could be more wholesome than that?!

Putting a pizza into a wood fired oven

With a family history that dates back to the 1950s in the region, the brains behind the operation, Cornelius and Dora Friesen, started the farm with a passion for homestyle food preparation and organic farming. Over the years, the farm evolved into a bakery and now, a pizzeria.

While the wood-fired pizza will certainly satiate your appetite, don't leave without a loaf or two of their ancient grain bread.

Positive vibes only, Integrity Foods is a charming outing for the whole family (or in my case, adventurous couples). There are plenty of tables scattered throughout the property, with blankets available if a picnic is more your style. Part outdoor restaurant, part petting zoo, much of the appeal of this farm is the company: roosters cock-a-doodle-do, kittens mewl and piglets play alongside diners.

Protip: if coming from Winnipeg, stop into sister bakery Hildegard's to get an introduction to this family's culinary style!
Kitten at Integrity Farms
Pizza at Integrity Farms

The details

Pizza night launches at the end of June and runs until mid September (keep an eye on their website for exact dates TBA) on Friday and Saturday evenings (5:00–9:00 pm).

Integrity Foods is 1/2 hour drive north of Gimli on Highway 8, 10km N of Riverton on Road 141 N.

GPS coordinates

N 51° 04.975’ W 096° 58.987’

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