Take up a new hobby at home: if you want, no pressure

Posted April 14, 2020 | Author Nisha Tuli

There has been much ado about how best to handle your time at home during this global pandemic. Do you learn a new language? Start a side hustle? Get into the best shape of your life? Maybe. Or maybe you just hang on, eat some cookies and hope for the best. All of these answers are okay--you do you and what makes you feel good during this time.

One of those things that might help in the self-care department is trying a new hobby. Maybe you finally find yourself with the time to try that crafty or creative endeavour you've always secretly longed to master. The bonus here is there are no expectations because no has to see it anyway.

For everything listed below, YouTube will have a video telling you how to get started. Just search--you'll be amazed the breadth and depth of how-to crafting videos online if you've never delved into this particular corner of the Internet.

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1. Knitting

Knitting has been proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and invoke a sense of calm. I mean, I think it's been proven--I saw someone say that on Facebook. Anyway, as a lifelong knitter, I can confidently say it's one of those things I turn to during times of stress when I just need to occupy my brain with something other than what's going on. And there are few things more satisfying than someone complimenting that sweater or scarf you made and asking where you got it. You can smugly say: "I made it." They'll look at you wide-eyed and ask: "Wow, can you make me one too?"

To get started check out Wolseley Wool and get yourself some yarn and needles. They've got specific 'stay-at-home' kits which is probably a good place for a beginner to start.

2. Crafting

Crafting in general is definitely having its moment. After years of scrolling through Pinterest saving things you never were actually going to make, now might be the time to embrace your inner crafter. Whether it's something you wear, something for your home, or something you make for someone else, everyone will know that special ingredient is love. DIY Craft Bar is normally set up to welcome you into its studio with all the supplies you need, but in these times of social distancing, they've gotten creative and offered a series of DIY at home options. Order something in and let the glue and glitter fly.

3. Take up an Instrument

Sure, maybe you knew how to strum a few tunes to impress that cute girl or guy in your youth, but your skills have gotten a little rusty. Or maybe, you've always dreamed of making melodious magic but you're not quite sure the difference between a quarter note and treble clef. Either way, now could be a good time to learn to play the theme song to Game of Thrones just like you've always wanted. Long & McQuade is offering curbside pick up or delivery if you're looking to get started. Once your skills are up to snuff, maybe open your windows and serenade the whole neighbourhood.

4. Painting

There is something very satisfying about putting paint to canvas. Even the most novice of painters can feel just a little bit like the real thing when it happens. Of course, it can be hard to know where to start, even if you've watched the entire complement of Bob Ross videos on YouTube. Winnipeg Art and Wine is here to help you out with their free, virtual painting parties. Check out their website and choose your creation. Of course, you will need some supplies, which you can order online from Artist's Emporium. Each virtual event lists what you'll need for your specific painting, and this way, you get to support two local businesses. It's a true win-win.

5. Wine Tasting

Okay, maybe drinking wine isn't technically a hobby per se, but in this unusual #qurantinelife, we're going to expand our definition. Wine--its creation and its tasting--could be construed as its own art form for those who are truly passionate about it. If you've ever wondered what on earth they mean when they say your favourite vintage offers up notes of peony dew drops and summer hay, then maybe one of DeLuca's virtual tasting events is for you. Order your kit to be delivered to your door and then log into your online event to get sipping.

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