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Hot diggity dog: 8 spots in Manitoba for the YUMMIEST hotdogs ever 🌭

Header photo by Elizabeth Green Listen: we're not here to debate what actually defines a hotdog (is it a sausage in a long bun, or is it more than that? So many questions.), we're just here to tell you that the high and mighty burger has had plenty of time to shine, and we're ready to give the hotdog some of the spotlight.  So here's our picks on where you can get a good ol' fashioned hotdog in Manitoba. There's no doubt that we missed some favourites - so tell us about YOUR picks in the comments!  

A nightlife guide to Winnipeg

Header photo: The Roost by Ashley Klassen For those driving across the border for a weekend away, Winnipeg's nightlife is the cherry on top of daytime activities like shopping, spas, sporting events and the Assiniboine Park Zoo. With a minimum drinking age of 18, our city comes alive at night (yes,

11 cozy escapes for weary travelers

“Oh you can search far and wide, You can drink the whole town dry, But you’ll never find a beer so brown, Oh you’ll never find a beer so brown, As the one we drink in our hometown” ~ The Green Dragon Song If you’re like me, you have long fantasized about stumbling through a blustering snowy eve