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Be friends with winter

We’ve gotten really tight with winter lately. We’ve seen that winter is sunny and fun. Winter is spontaneous and outgoing, always up for anything. Winter is, well, awesome! This is why we think you should be friends with winter. Be friends with winter at the Great Ice Show a Be friends with winter

Manitoba meet cute

Manitoba is known for its friendly people. But if you’re looking for someone to be more than just a friend, here are some Manitoba events and attractions where love is in the air. Maple taffy tryst Source You and some pals are experiencing the joie de vivre of the Festival du Voyageur. You venture

8 scrumptious spots for sweets on Valentine’s Day 🌹

I’ll just say it. I love chocolate. You love chocolate. We should all love chocolate! Chocolate can be enjoyed in many delicious forms (even body wrap, but I’m not sure if that’s actually edible) and it’s a surefire way to any rational person’s heart. Which is why on Valentine’s Day, I suggest

Art on Ice

Manitoba is blessed with sunny, snowy winters and an incredible arts scene. So why not combine the two for some outdoor art shows that are super cool. The Great Ice Show Right now at The Forks National Historic Site, 40 talented ice sculpting artists from the internationally acclaimed Harbin Ice

Merry Manitoba sing-a-long!

Gather ’round and join the chorus singing these Manitoba versions of our favourite Christmas songs! The Christmas (at FortWhyte Alive) Song Bannock roasting on an open fire Jack fish nipping on the line Pioneer tales that make you admire How folks lived in those times. Everybody knows a snowshoe and

Top 9 places to lounge this winter

You know what the best part about winter is? Cozying up with a good cup of coffee or a drink that runs down smoothly and warms up your insides, while you reminisce and engage in coy banter and light-hearted conversation among family, friends, and strangers. Luckily, Manitoba knows how to warm up

34 ways we win winter

Baby, it’s snowing outside. Oh winter, you lovely beast, you whirl and swirl into our lives in a flurry. One day the streets are bare and dreary, the next, we are walking in a snowy paradise. Here are 34 winter pics that show when the days get colder, our hearts grow warmer… Winter’s here! You