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WAG’s summer of impressionists leave their mark

Photo by  @mariebebe_ The world has been moved and shaken by countless revolutions throughout history, each one stoking a flame and igniting change, some for the good. One of those key movements happened in the 19th Century art world and while it may – in our times, anyway – be seen as a ground-breaking shift in creativity and artistic expression, the beginnings of the Impressionist era of art was rather the scandal of its time.

The 8 architectural wonders of Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg’s first heyday was in the early 20th century when the Manitoba capital had one of the fastest growing economies in North America. There was more construction happening in Winnipeg in 1904 than in Toronto and Montreal combined, which resulted in the country’s tallest building and first

Hot this week – January 23 to 29

It’s a little hard to fathom that January is almost over. Hopefully you’ve had an exciting month of getting out and enjoying winter in all its glory and splendour – be it at an indoor event, or basking in an outdoor activity. If not, lucky for you, there is still lots of time to get your winter on.

Manitoba celebrates Canada 150

In case you haven’t heard: 2017 is Canada’s sesquicentennial. That’s fancy talk for the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Across the nation many special events, celebrations, new attractions and initiatives are popping-up all in the name of generating Canadian pride. Ottawa, the capital region,

Culture is for kids too!

Winnipeg is bursting at the seams with activities and events for kids. With so much to see and do around the city, we’ve selected a few to make your job a little easier. While we can’t promise you that you still won’t have a hard time choosing from this list, we’re certain that you’ll have enough

A date with culture

You’ve seen Culture across the room. Usually hanging out with Arts, but always looking good. You’re kind of interested in Culture, but you’re not really sure it’s your type. Instead on swiping right on the same old, now is the time to give Culture a chance. Culture is different The thing with

From the Arctic to Surfside at WAG

While surfing and the Arctic aren’t two words that would normally have any kind of association, the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s new exhibits showcase the visual inspiration of both. Opening October 1 at Manitoba’s leading art museum, Our Land: Contemporary Art from the Arctic features treasures from the