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Watchable wildlife: what to see where

One of the absolute best things about being in the wilderness is having the opportunity to watch the animals that live there. From the silent appearance of a massive moose to the impressive wingspan of a bald eagle, here are some of Manitoba’s amazing watchable wildlife and where you can see them:

Manitoba’s Top 10 Travel Features of 2015

Our amazing Media Relations team had a busy year – with over 500 pieces of positive content—including National Geographic Traveler ’s mention of Winnipeg in its Best Trips of 2016 list. In sharing their Manitoba travel experiences, the journalists and influencers we host still astonish us with a

Beyond the bears

There’s no doubt that I went to Churchill for one thing, and one thing only: to see polar bears. But once I got my white bear fix, I discovered that this northern town is definitely more than just bears. Culture & History Cape Merry Battery Many bear lovers are surprised when they learn about

Polar bears vs. sharks

Yeah, we see you sharks. You have the people going nutso for you over a week every summer. But keep your eyes on your back (like you even can), because there’s a new predator week in town. Polar Bear Week hasn’t been around long enough to take over Shark Week…yet, but I think it’s a fine time to

It’s Polar Bear Week!

Join us for a polar bear love fest! Right now is the absolute best time of year to see polar bears roam the tundra, and, for the next few days, we want to show you how magical a winter safari up in northern Manitoba can be. Check back here and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all week long as

Wildlife encounters with Paul Epp

Ok, I might be dating myself, but does anyone remember that Wilderness Family movie? You know, the one where some stressed-out family leaves their urban life to go live out in the wilderness and eventually befriend and adopt grizzly cubs. Yes, they become friends with bears. So you know it’s true.

28 spectacular fall photos

It’s not hard to fall for Fall. Not hard at all. She’s a right honest beauty all dressed up and strutting around the province in her fancy colours. But, unfortunately, fall doesn’t stick around forever in these parts, so make the most of her loveliness while you can. The leaves are starting to turn.

Talking dragonflies is a great way to brighten a rainy day

A couple of weeks ago, I journeyed out to Oak Hammock Marsh to learn and experience all things dragonflies and damselflies at the Dragonfly Festival. This annual event features a variety of fun things to do for all ages (especially for kids) including a bunch of outdoor adventures in the marsh.

Why our heart beats for Manitoba

Introducing “Why our heart beats for Manitoba,” a new series where we feature some of our friendly staff’s favourite stories and travel adventures. For the first edition, Cathy takes us to the edge of the arctic while Brett shows off his love for the Whiteshell, Breanne rediscovers nature in the

Beluga Summer Hits

Beluga whales are known for their unique mix of sounds – chirps, clicks, whistles and more. Their vocal stylings have not only earned them the nick name “sea canaries” but also the summer’s hottest songs for the last six years in a row. 2015 – “See You Again” by Whale Khalifa This summer’s smash