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The snakes of Narcisse High

The arrival of spring signals the height of the social scene at Narcisse High, where tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes emerge from their dens — their winter hideout, where I’m sure they’ve spent the whole time Snapping their friends and sleeping until all hours of the day. But now these

Go north, my friends, go north!

Greetings, friends. Welcome to the Great White North, where paradise is not considered a tropical island loaded with loud people (can you say overrated?). Instead, it is a place where the land is so remote and quiet you could hear an owl’s feather drop. From wolves howling off in the distance to the

23 of Manitoba’s smuggest critters

Ever notice that wildlife critters seem to have a certain attitude? Here at Travel Manitoba, we look through a lot of wildlife images, like A LOT, an abundance of wildlife is kind of our thing. And we recently realized that animals don’t seem so happy about us snapping their photos and sharing them