Where to find a wild polar bear in a Winnipeg alley

Wolseley is one of the most unique areas in Winnipeg to walk around in, both during the summer and winter months. The neighbourhood, architecture and the murals are what make this area of the city so unique. However, there is a beautiful new addition to the area and it’s something that will

Take a walking tour of Winnipeg’s public art

Winnipeg presents so many opportunities to be inspired, especially in the way of public art. There’s a sense of pride that comes with a newly installed piece of public art, and a feeling of nostalgia when reflecting upon an older one. Public art enhances the space it occupies. It connects people to

1 hour at The Forks

One hour? Who on earth would want to spend only ONE hour at The Forks ? While you will definitely need a return trip, sometimes you can only squeeze in a bit of time at this historic site and we totally understand. Here’s how to make the most out of your short visit… Get to know the area Visiting