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Two days with @muenchmax

What happens when you show an exceptionally talented international photographer your home? You begin to see its beauty through fresh eyes. Instagrammer Maximilian Münch (@muenchmax) traveled all the way from Germany to experience Manitoba and explore its depths through his lens. I had the pleasure

The ABCs of my family summer vacation in Churchill

Thinking of putting Churchill on the list for your next family summer vacation? I say do it! We took our two boys and had a blast. From A to Z, here’s what you need to know about a family summer vacation in Churchill. A is for Arctic adventure Well, subarctic adventure to be precise. My family’s

Beluga Summer Hits

Beluga whales are known for their unique mix of sounds – chirps, clicks, whistles and more. Their vocal stylings have not only earned them the nick name “sea canaries” but also the summer’s hottest songs for the last six years in a row. 2015 – “See You Again” by Whale Khalifa This summer’s smash

Beluga insider: Alex de Vries

Photographer. World traveler. Polar Bear guide. Beluga whisperer. Alex de Vries is one of the few individuals who gets to interact with the wildlife of Churchill on a daily basis – and he’s got the stories to prove it. In celebration of #BelugaWeek, we interviewed Alex to get the insider scoop on

Learn more about the friendliest whales in Manitoba

Header photo by @discover_churchill We'll admit it: we have a huge crush on these smiling sea mammals up in Hudson Bay. Each summer, 57000 of these amazing animals make their way to the Hudson Bay to feed and birth, more than 3000 of which enter the Churchill River Estuary. Learn more about these

Top ways to view beluga whales in Churchill, Manitoba

Header photo by Wander the Map There is whale watching and then there is beluga whale watching. A visit to Churchill offers an unparalleled ability to get close to the docile species during the summer months of July and August. A natural phenomenon to witness, each year thousands of whales make

Manitoba shines, surprises in Canadian Geographic Travel

Manitoba, you never looked so good. The May 2015 issue of Canadian Geographic Travel is the ultimate guide to our most amazing experiences, hidden secrets and welcoming hot spots. Like Aaron Kylie states in his editor’s note: “Manitoba surprises me, I suspect it will surprise you, too, even if you

Manitoba Whiteout

The Winnipeg Jets are in back in playoffs! In honour of the Winnipeg Whiteout we’re counting down Manitoba’s contributions to the whiteout party. 1. White bears Manitoba’s ursine icon is the great white bear. In fact, the Winnipeg Polar Bears were among the rumoured names for the Jets 2.0. See

Top 10 wildlife encounters

Do you have wildlife wanderlust? It’s that feeling you get when you spot a wild animal on your travels – the one that leaves you mesmerized and tingling with excitement. Ranging from the dangerous to the unique to the elusive, Manitoba is full of wildlife encounters you will never forget. Here are