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6 fantastic roadside attractions within an hour from Winnipeg

While Travel Manitoba strongly recommends that all tourism businesses adhere to the operating protocols and capacity restrictions allowed by the Manitoba government, we cannot guarantee the compliance of any business featured in the content below.  Please contact the business directly for operating hours and policies.  Throughout the province, please continue to practise safe physical distancing and adhere to all recommended guidelines.  #COVIDCarefulMB Header photo by Kristhine Guerrero 2020 is the year of the staycation, offering you the chance to explore your own backyard and province. This family friendly, mini day trip takes you just an hour from Winnipeg to a collection of fun roadside attractions - see if you can find them all!

Fall eats, treats and sweets: 10 places you must try in Manitoba

Header photo: Acorn Cafe Happy first day of fall! It's all happening now - from delighting in the feeling of crunchy leaves underfoot to savouring the smell of freshly baked pumpkin pie wafting in the air. And we all know that autumn is a time for harvest, bounty and long dinners spent with friends and family. Here's where YOU should eat this fall in Manitoba...

7 Manitoba indoor water parks you want to be at right now

A family winter vacation not in the budget this year? Get a little water therapy and a much needed boost with a staycation centered around one of these noteworthy indoor pools. Day-trip to a community pool The most economical option for a family on budget is avoiding paying for accommodations and

Le Manitoba à moto : 7 trajets pour faire vrombir votre moteur

Bien que Voyage Manitoba recommande fortement à toutes les entreprises touristiques de respecter les protocoles de fonctionnement et les restrictions en matière de capacités autorisés par le gouvernement du Manitoba, nous ne pouvons pas garantir que les entreprises présentées ci-après respectent ces mesures. Veuillez communiquer directement avec les entreprises pour connaître leurs heures d’ouverture et leurs politiques. Veuillez continuer de respecter les mesures de distanciation physique dans toute la province et vous conformer aux directives recommandées. #restezensécurité Photo : Paulo Cuneta Le saviez-vous? Vous pouvez obtenir de très beaux écussons en parcourant les routes du Manitoba à moto? Dans le but d’encourager les motocyclistes d’ici et d’ailleurs à explorer notre province, Manitoba Motorcycle Tourism a créé le programme vraiment génial Manitoba by Motorcycle qui récompense les amateurs de moto en leur remettant des écussons témoignant de leurs aventures. Voici comment vous procurer l’un de ces écussons. Rendez-vous dans 12 différents parcs du Manitoba, allez voir 20 statues dans de petites municipalités ou prenez la pause à côté de 15 monuments du Manitoba, au cours d’une même saison de moto, et faites parvenir vos clichés à Manitoba by Motorcycle pour recevoir votre écusson. C’est aussi simple que ça! Voici quelques suggestions de fabuleux parcours à explorer au Manitoba pour commencer l’aventure…

Road trip anyone? RVing hotspots across Manitoba

RVing has been gaining steady traction among Manitobans. For those who love the outdoors and the idea of sleeping under the stars, but find that love reaching only as far as the eyes can hone in on a cozy bed, the RVing lifestyle might be perfect for you. Whether you consider yourself a glamper or a

Manitoba celebrates Canada 150

In case you haven’t heard: 2017 is Canada’s sesquicentennial. That’s fancy talk for the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Across the nation many special events, celebrations, new attractions and initiatives are popping-up all in the name of generating Canadian pride. Ottawa, the capital region,

Manitoba’s literary locales

Canada is a fertile ground for scribes, and Manitoba has produced some of Can-Lit’s most unique voices. Readers and wordsmiths alike must check out these stomping grounds of four of Manitoba’s most prolific authors. Miriam Toews, Prairie novelist extraordinaire “I

7 festival feasts found in Manitoba

Some people go to festivals for the music, some go for workshops, and some go for activities or rides. Others, well, they go for the food. Manitoba happens to be a fantastic spot for this special type of feasting. We have festivals that serve up dishes from over 40 cultures around the globe,