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Plot your next day trip to St. Norbert with these key stops

Ask just about anyone about the first thing that comes to mind when they hear “St. Norbert” and I’d bet you anything that the first response would be the farmers’ market. That the lively Saturday Saint-Norbert Farmers’ Market – also open on Wednesdays – is one of the highlights of this bilingual

Hot this week – June 19 to 25

While we never want to be the bearer of bad news, we figured that it was best to let you know that the spring showers aren’t quite over yet. But we do have some good news! The first day of summer just happens to fall on Wednesday! So welcome the showers we should if they are any indication that our

Hot this week – January 9 to 15

Now that we’re finally settling in and coming to terms with the fact that 2016 is over and 2017 is on its way, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. And we’ve got a few ideas in mind to help you do just that! Relive rock ‘n’ roll history Ryan Voth, Kris Ulrich, Matt Cage, Laura Olafson.