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10 gorgeous places to camp this summer in Manitoba

Header photo by Josh Lund A summer without camping isn't summer at all. This is a sentiment shared by many (I'd argue, most) Manitobans and one that rings true to my heart. While you may already have your go-to spots and your seasonal sites secured, I challenge you to expand your camping horizons to a new region of the province. Here are 10 gorgeous places to camp in Manitoba that you should absolutely check out this summer. To make reservations, visit the Manitoba Parks Reservation System.

Dans le désert du Manitoba

Quand on pense aux paysages du Manitoba, on voit les plaines des Prairies et les lacs sans fin. Du vert, du bleu, des fleurs sauvages ici et là. Et pourtant, un paysage pour le moins inattendu se cache au cœur du Parc provincial de Spruce Wood : des dunes de sable fin. Toute une découverte