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Dans le désert du Manitoba

Quand on pense aux paysages du Manitoba, on voit les plaines des Prairies et les lacs sans fin. Du vert, du bleu, des fleurs sauvages ici et là. Et pourtant, un paysage pour le moins inattendu se cache au cœur du Parc provincial de Spruce Wood : des dunes de sable fin. Toute une découverte

Take a hike: 6 amazing trails in Manitoba

Hiking in Manitoba means you never need to worry about altitude sickness. But that’s not to say the province’s broad, sweeping canvas is bland. Ma Nature painted in tall wild grass prairie, rolling, forested hills, undulating river valleys, vast wetlands and the occasional view-encompassing

Indiana Jones for the day

Meet thousands of frenzied snakes, decipher ancient writing on rock walls, dig for fossils and venture into cavernous depths. Manitoba’s natural wonders match any adventure had by film hero and archaeologist Indiana Jones. World’s largest snake pits Located between the towns of Narcisse and Inwood,