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Look up: Manitoba’s biggest, boldest skies

Header Photo by Austin Mackay From stormy horizons of heavy clouds and hopeful rainbows to the colourful ribbons of the Aurora Borealis; sky-gazing takes on a new meaning in Manitoba. Get lost in our vast, open skies that earn an audience every day and night. These are Manitoba’s biggest, boldest

Why our heart beats for Manitoba

Fall is in full force right now, but here at the office we’re still reminiscing about a few of our favourite summer adventures. In our latest We Heart MB edition, Dené, with paddle in hand, takes on the Caddy Lake tunnels, Jillian builds new farm-life memories with her kids, Michel shares his love

The #exploremb challenge Week two finalists!

Seriously people, you know how to capture a good sky! We had no idea how tough it would be to pick finalists out of last week’s #exploremb challenge. We asked you to bring it, and you BROUGHT IT! Sunsets, storms, starry nights and all. You are good peeps. The three finalists for the ☁️ Big, Bold Sky

27 Manitoba sky photos that will blow your mind

Yeah, we hear it all the time, “Manitoba is so flat.” You know what else is flat? The thinking that there’s not much to see in a land where you can actually see forever. And most locals will tell you one of the best places to look when you’re here is UP. We don’t just do sweet sunrises and stunning

The #exploremb challengeWeek one finalists

Week one of our Instagram challenge is in the books and you showed us a whole bunch of ways you celebrate summer in Manitoba. It was a water and fireworks whirlwind of a week. Here are our three finalists for our Instagram trip to Churchill… Dom (@dmessier) Dom knows how to do summer right. With a