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Roadside Madness – Flinty wins it all!

The votes are in and the winner of Roadside Madness is Flintabbatey Flonatin!!! Maybe it’s fitting that the only place in Canada named after a science fiction character who discovered streets of gold is the one that actually takes home the gold. A little about Flintabbatey and Flin Flon When

Roadside Madness – Sara comes close!

The votes are in and Sara the Camel came *this close* to winning Roadside Madness. Sara might not have received the perfect fairytale ending, but she definitely showed us how endeared and revered she is in her community. A little about Sara the Camel and Glenboro Sara the Camel comes from Glenboro

Roadside Madness – Championship

And so we’ve come to the final stretch of Roadside Madness. Today you choose which roadside beauty is going to be named the ultimate attraction to pass by while taking a Manitoba road trip. This week has seen a whirlwind of activity. There have been clear cut winners in each round and a few intense

Roadside Madness – Final Four

Oh! Great Odin’s Raven! After yesterday’s vote, New Iceland is now trapped in a glass case of emotion. The mighty Viking got hammered by a submarine driving Flintabbatey and the valiant Viking Ship *almost* got blown off course by a Windmill storm. The ship survived, but barely. It took on a lot of

Roadside Madness – Elite Eight

The first few days of Roadside Madness saw all types of results. Who would have thought Chuck the Catfish and Tommy the Turtle would fall so quickly, that the Pumpkin and Mushrooms never really stood a chance, and that the toughest throw down would be between a Coke Can and a Smoking Pipe? (The

Roadside Madness – Sweet Sixteen

Well, the first round of voting in Roadside Madness saw a lot of ups and downs… The Polar Bear, Happy Rock, Viking and Flintabbatey easily won their pairings, but there were many others in tight races right until the bitter end. The Curling Rock was slightly pushed away from the button by a Smoking

Roadside Madness – First round

You know them, you love them, you sometimes wonder “What does a Coke Can have to do with Portage la Prairie?” as you drive by them. And now you can vote for them. Welcome to Roadside Madness! Where 32 of Manitoba’s cool and quirky roadside attractions duke it out to be named the last statue