34 ways we win winter

Baby, it’s snowing outside. Oh winter, you lovely beast, you whirl and swirl into our lives in a flurry. One day the streets are bare and dreary, the next, we are walking in a snowy paradise. Here are 34 winter pics that show when the days get colder, our hearts grow warmer… Winter’s here! You

Best places to eat this winter

Warm and welcoming chefs, hearty fare, sweet concoctions and unique culinary experiences make up our list of the best spots to eat and drink this winter. A few I’ve been to, some are at the top of the list to get to, and one, I’m side-eyeing you RAW:almond, is near impossible to get into. Here are

Top 5 reasons why we own winter

A lot of places have winter. But Manitoba does winter. Instead of hiding from the cold, we embrace it. Instead of cursing the snow, we play in it. Here’s some of the ways we make winter awesome. 1. We turn snow into art and put art on ice Every year during the Festival du Voyageur , huge blocks of