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Snow White and the Seven Polar Bears

All the while knowing polar bears are fierce, we can't help but the hilarious sides of their personalities, too. Here’s a silly salute to Snow White and her seven friends (don’t worry, we can’t tell them apart either). Happy How can you tell if a polar bear’s happy? We don’t know, but this girl

36 faits étonnants sur les ours polaires

Saviez-vous que les ours polaires sont en réalité noirs? Ou qu’ils peuvent manger près de 50 kilos de graisse en un seul repas? L’ours polaire n’est pas seulement la vedette des commerciaux de Coca-Cola, c’est aussi un animal fascinant; pas étonnant que, dans certaines parties du monde, il soit

9 vehicles for viewing polar bears

There’s more than one way to see a polar bear. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised by just how many options are available. If encountering a polar bear in Churchill – at very a safe distance, of course – is one of those things on your bucket list of activities, here are nine vehicles that will get

Where to find a wild polar bear in a Winnipeg alley

Wolseley is one of the most unique areas in Winnipeg to walk around in, both during the summer and winter months. The neighbourhood, architecture and the murals are what make this area of the city so unique. However, there is a beautiful new addition to the area and it’s something that will