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Provincial Park Madness – championship round

Are you ready for the round that decides it all? In a stunning defeat last night, Whiteshell was forced to pack its bags as Grand Beach proved once again that a passion for a place is indeed, a mighty force. Meanwhile, in a battle not for the faint of heart, Spruce Woods bit the dust as the king of

Provincial Park Madness – final four!

In a dramatic turn of events, our final four have revealed themselves at last – and now it’s an all-out brawl between the regions of the province. Duck Mountain succumb to its brethren Spruce Woods, while Whiteshell barely flinched as it kicked Nopiming to the curb (ouch). Pisew Falls met a similar

Provincial Park Madness – elite eight!

Who’s idea was it to start the week with so much anticipation? We were on the edge of our seats yesterday as the Park Madness battle continued. The race was neck and neck between some of the most stunning parks in the province. The white sands of Grand Beach narrowly beat out the ever-popular site

Provincial Park Madness – sweet sixteen!

What a match, what a match indeed! The first round in Provincial Park Madness saw a number of upsets; but none so giant as the smashing defeat of St. Ambroise Beach by Hecla/Grindstone 💔. Don’t worry St. Ambroise – they don’t even know how amazing you are for bird watching, or that your shallow

Provincial Park Madness – first round

You know them, you love them, you’ve slept on the ground in many of them. And now you can vote for them. Welcome to Provincial Park Madness! Where 32 of Manitoba’s incredible provincial parks flaunt their flora and fauna in an attempt to be named winner of the 2017 edition of our fun spin on March