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Snow White and the Seven Polar Bears

All the while knowing polar bears are fierce, we can't help but the hilarious sides of their personalities, too. Here’s a silly salute to Snow White and her seven friends (don’t worry, we can’t tell them apart either). Happy How can you tell if a polar bear’s happy? We don’t know, but this girl

Snow White and the Seven Polar Bears

Travel Manitoba staff were very fortunate this past month to be in Churchill to witness the polar bear’s annual migration back to Hudson Bay. We were awestruck seeing the largest land predators in the wild. All the while knowing polar bears are fierce, we noted the hilarious sides of their

Go north, my friends, go north!

Greetings, friends. Welcome to the Great White North, where paradise is not considered a tropical island loaded with loud people (can you say overrated?). Instead, it is a place where the land is so remote and quiet you could hear an owl’s feather drop. From wolves howling off in the distance to the

Manitoba’s Top 10 Travel Features of 2015

Our amazing Media Relations team had a busy year – with over 500 pieces of positive content—including National Geographic Traveler ’s mention of Winnipeg in its Best Trips of 2016 list. In sharing their Manitoba travel experiences, the journalists and influencers we host still astonish us with a

34 ways we win winter

Baby, it’s snowing outside. Oh winter, you lovely beast, you whirl and swirl into our lives in a flurry. One day the streets are bare and dreary, the next, we are walking in a snowy paradise. Here are 34 winter pics that show when the days get colder, our hearts grow warmer… Winter’s here! You

The Grey Cup goes north

When the Grey Cup is finally hoisted by the winning team on November 29 at the Grey Cup Championship, it will mark the end of the Cup’s whirlwind journey through Manitoba. In an effort to promote the 103rd Grey Cup Festival – the range of activities and entertainment that go along with the big game

8 super fun polar bear mashups

Polar bears are without a doubt among the most photogenic species in the animal kingdom. So what could be better than taking some cute polar bear videos and mashing them up with some fun pop and hip hop songs? Answer: Nothing. No diggity? Yes diggity! Song via Blackstreet | Video source: