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Journey north: The ultimate polar bear packing list

So you’re going to Churchill. You’ve waited your whole life for this. You’ve researched the bears, the hotel, the food, the tours, and you are all ready to go. Except, what do you bring? How cold will it be? This is northern Canada after all. We’ve put together this handy guide on what to pack to

8 routes to paddle in Manitoba

In Manitoba, summer means getting out and enjoying all that our rich environment has to offer, whether it be venturing out on a hike or dipping a paddle into one of our 100,000 lakes. Both beginners and seasoned pros can find a route to suit their needs, and we have plenty of whitewater and gently

28 spectacular fall photos

It’s not hard to fall for Fall. Not hard at all. She’s a right honest beauty all dressed up and strutting around the province in her fancy colours. But, unfortunately, fall doesn’t stick around forever in these parts, so make the most of her loveliness while you can. The leaves are starting to turn.

The problem with camping in Manitoba

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that the people of Manitoba love camping. We also know that our camping is among the best. But we aren’t perfect. There are plenty of problems you could encounter on your camping trip in our province, and we’re here to help you through the rough times.

BCRobyn’s wilderness adventure to York Factory

A couple of years ago, our friend BCRobyn, went on a wild river tour with Nelson River Adventures to learn about Canada’s fur trade history, encounter wildlife in amazing proximity and experience the breathtaking beauty of northern Manitoba’s tundra horizons and boreal forest canopies. Here is her