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Must-see-um Madness: championship round

After two weeks of fierce competition, we've made it to the final round at last. Let's take a closer look at our championship round Must-see-ums... Snow Lake Mining Museum Located in the small northern town of Snow Lake, this Manitoba Star Attraction speaks to the history of one of the major

The Gimli Glider Exhibit: Manitoba’s most unique aviation story

On a fateful Saturday in the early summer of 1983, the little town of Gimli, Manitoba made big headlines as an Air Canada pilot pulled off one of the greatest emergency landings in aviation history. The Gimli Glider is surely one of Manitoba’s (and the world’s) most unique aviation stories – with a

Sam Waller Museum: A collection of oddities from around the globe

The Sam Waller Museum would make an excellent setting for an iSpy book. The founder, Sam Waller, coined himself a Pack Rat and called the museum a “Clutter-torium” – a nickname that was certainly no exaggeration. Over the span of his lifetime, Sam Waller accumulated a mass array of unusual oddities

Fort la Reine Museum: Peruse the pages of our pioneer past

Nestled on five acres of land on the eastern edge of Portage la Prairie, the lovely Fort la Reine Museum is one of the coolest pioneer villages in all of Canada. Dedicated to preserving the heritage of the prairies as well as the history of Portage la Prairie, the museum has over 25 historic

Heritage North Museum: The north is wild and thriving

While Thompson may be a relatively young city, having been established as a mining community in 1957, people and animals have been living off the land of the boreal forest for thousands of years. What does it take to thrive in the north? Take a walk through the Heritage North Museum and discover how

Dalnavert Museum: Clues to our past

There is no mystery here: the Dalnavert Museum, the former home of a prominent Winnipeg family built in 1895, is a dramatic and striking restoration. Saved from a sure demise by the Manitoba Historical Society in 1969, the house and its