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Hot this week – June 19 to 25

While we never want to be the bearer of bad news, we figured that it was best to let you know that the spring showers aren’t quite over yet. But we do have some good news! The first day of summer just happens to fall on Wednesday! So welcome the showers we should if they are any indication that our

La vie de pacha à Morden

Quand mon amie et moi avons décidé de partir à l’aventure à Morden le temps d’un weekend, nous étions loin de nous attendre à un tel traitement royal. Le seul fait de partir était un conte de fées, car nous laissions derrière nous au total quatre enfants de moins de six ans et deux maris. Si vous

50 reasons why the Morden Corn & Apple Festival is a must!

Is there anything better than FREE? The Morden Corn & Apple Festival (August 24-26, 2018) is a must-see festival with free corn on the cob, apple juice, stage entertainment, children’s events and more. Here’s our list of 50 reasons why I took my family to the festival and why you need to take yours

Sunshine and surprises in Morden

The absolute best road trips require a healthy dose of curiosity and at least one fun, easy-going travel buddy (or more!). No matter if the drive is long or short, I fully believe those are the only two elements required for a road trip to be crazy-good and forever-memorable. A recent weekend trek

7 festival feasts found in Manitoba

Some people go to festivals for the music, some go for workshops, and some go for activities or rides. Others, well, they go for the food. Manitoba happens to be a fantastic spot for this special type of feasting. We have festivals that serve up dishes from over 40 cultures around the globe,

I’m digging it!

As a kid I had aspirations to be both a geologist and an archaeologist, so when I had the chance to go on a fossil dig at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, I jumped on it. My 12 year-old self was pumped! And my present-day self – now the mother of a dinosaur-crazed three-year-old – was