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Hot this Week – July 11 to 17

It’s a week where anything can and will happen, and the suspense is killing me. What plot will unfold at a Fringe play? Which team will come out on top at MTS Superspike? Who will win the jousting tournament at the Cooks Creek Medieval Fest? Are those dinosaurs real ? So many questions, so little

Festival fun…for FREE!

Spending a sunny summer day enjoying some frolicking good fun is made even better when that fun is free! Here are some festivals around the province that don’t charge an entry fee. Morden Corn and Apple Festival August 26-28 This festival is on my family’s list this summer not only because my kids

874 questions my kids asked in Minnedosa

My family – that’s my husband and two boys, ages 2 and almost 4, and I – were invited to Minnedosa for their annual summer weekend festival, Fun Fest. On our way out the door my husband says to me, “I read somewhere that a 4 year-old asks an average of 437 questions a day. So we’re about to get