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Manito Ahbee shares the seven sacred teachings

Every year, the Manito Ahbee festival celebrates Indigenous arts and music, and offers a greater understanding of Indigenous culture. Taking place in May (dates TBA) at venues around Winnipeg, Manito Ahbee is a kaleidoscope of colour and culture, brought to life through music, dance, and art. The

10 dances to watch for at the Manito Ahbee International Pow Wow

Prairie Pow Wows have taken the continent by storm; the growing popularity of which comes to fruition at the Manito Ahbee Festival, May 17 to 21. Here, nations from across North America gather to share in Indigenous culture, celebrate the Creator and honour the seven sacred teachings. The

Manitoba: then vs. now

From festivals to fossil digs, Manitoba is a place where the past and present intermingle. For history fanatics, cultural buffs and explorers of all kinds, the province offers an exciting variety of immersive experiences to take you from days past to celebrations and activities of people living