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#ExploreMB: The best of June

Our amazing community and ambassadors didn’t waste any time diving into summer (often, literally). The Assiniboine Park Zoo bustled with visitors who stood in awe under the incredible tunnels of the Journey to Churchill exhibit. Winnipeg’s ice cream shops had a rush of customers in line for sweet

Why our heart beats for Manitoba

Fall is in full force right now, but here at the office we’re still reminiscing about a few of our favourite summer adventures. In our latest We Heart MB edition, Dené, with paddle in hand, takes on the Caddy Lake tunnels, Jillian builds new farm-life memories with her kids, Michel shares his love

Hidden beauty in Manitoba’s National Parks

Article submitted by Parks Canada Youth Ambassadors July is prime time in Manitoba. From the boreal forests of the south, to the open tundra of Hudson’s Bay, the province beckons visitors with its open and inviting landscape. This summer, we had the luck and good fortune of making our way around the

28 spectacular fall photos

It’s not hard to fall for Fall. Not hard at all. She’s a right honest beauty all dressed up and strutting around the province in her fancy colours. But, unfortunately, fall doesn’t stick around forever in these parts, so make the most of her loveliness while you can. The leaves are starting to turn.

The #exploremb challenge Week eight finalists!

Just keep paddling, just keep paddling. This week, we saw Manitoba from atop the water as our community showed off their best and most exciting (and often, most relaxing) paddling rendezvous. Kayaks skimmed across still, smooth lakes while canoes ripped through river rapids. The three finalists for

Show me the way to go home

That’s the song my mom used to sing to me when I was a kid as she pedaled me around the Dunnottar area on her old bike. It’s also the nostalgic phrase that springs forth in my mind every time I venture out to the Interlake. You see, I was a lake kid, and if you grew up in Manitoba, chances are you

The #exploremb challenge Week five finalists!

East. West. North. Interlake. Last week you showed us that there’s not a place in Manitoba where you can’t embrace lake life. We loved seeing photos of how you enjoy the dog days of summer at the lake, even if we were super jealous looking at them from the office. The three finalists for the ❤️

Make summer memories at Riding Mountain

Enjoy a glorious worry-free visit at Riding Mountain National Park by spending your time hiking, biking, horseback riding, boating, swimming, or exploring the shops and restaurants in the Wasagaming Townsite. Learn about the natural forces that shaped this beautiful park on a guided interpretive

27 Manitoba sky photos that will blow your mind

Yeah, we hear it all the time, “Manitoba is so flat.” You know what else is flat? The thinking that there’s not much to see in a land where you can actually see forever. And most locals will tell you one of the best places to look when you’re here is UP. We don’t just do sweet sunrises and stunning