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Hot this week — March 11 to 17

There’s always something to do in this gem of a province. As one event winds down there is always another waiting in the wings. Check out what’s hot and happening in Manitoba this week! Take a cultural journey at a play ends March 16 Tom Hendry Warehouse, Winnipeg Royal MTC ’s one-man show takes its

Hot this week — March 4 to 10

We’re seeing signs of the weather starting to turn never mind it does not quite feeling like it yet, particularly on a day like today when it’s a bit cloudy. Soon enough though, it will be spring! But until that moment arrives, you still have a life to live and you’ve got an abundance of things to

Hot this week – February 19 to 24

Last week, we celebrated the return of winter festivals for the season with the likes of Festival du Voyageur, which celebrates its 50th year. But that hardly means that we’ ve seen the last of them, but this week, there are also a few film festivals happening. Of course films and winter festivals

Hot this week – February 11 to 18

It has been a bit frigid this past while, no question about that. But with temperatures set to rise a little, there’s nothing like a winter festival to draw the crowds. This weekend, Festival du Voyageur begins. And to add to that chaleur , it just happens to be Valentine’s this week. This, we hope, will put you in the right frame to enjoy what’s hot in Manitoba.

Hot this week – February 4 to 10

Another new week and we’ve got another round of events waiting for you. There’s absolutely no need to find yourself anywhere else if you’re all about a good time. From wintry escapades to get you out and about, to soulful dining to get you warmed up for your next adventure, here’s what’s hot in

Hot this week – January 28 to February 3

Good music and great food. Two of life’s greatest gifts and lucky for you, you can find them both right here in Manitoba. This week, you’re definitely in for some excitement with activities to pique the senses and have you begging for more. Here’s what’s hot in Manitoba. Escape on a romantic

Hot this week – January 21 to 27

Can you believe that January is already almost near its end?! Hopefully you’ve had an exciting month of getting out and enjoying winter in all its splendour. If not, lucky for you, there is still lots of time to get your winter on. This week, we’ve got a fantastic lineup of amusement, music and

Hot this week – January 7 to 13

We're now seven days into the new year. Now that we’re finally settling in and coming to terms with the fact that 2018 is behind us and 2019 is on its way, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. And we’ve got a few ideas in mind to help you do just that! Here's what's hot in Manitoba.

Hot this week – December 31 to January 6

Happy New Year! OK, we know there is still some time to go before the actual new year, but we'll be too busy bidding adieu to the final moments of 2018 ourselves, so we figured we'd get the well wishes out ahead of time. Be sure to check out our list of the places where you can ring in the New Year if you're still on the prowl for a fun or fancy event!  Here's what's hot in Manitoba for what's left of 2018, and heading in to 2019.