Hot this week – October 15 to 21

The weather outside may be bringing the chills, but that’s why we’ve got theatre to make it all better! This week marks the opening of the Royal MTC’s new season. And Cercle Molière is also pulling out the stops with a compelling new production. The Winnipeg Art Gallery, centre culturel

Hot this week – October 9 to 14

Jazz shows seem to be dominating the entertainment scene this week in Manitoba. Of course that's not all that's happening, the haunted houses, theatres and festivals are also making a play for your attention this week! From the artful to the creepy and everything in-between, we’re pretty sure you’ll

Hot this week – October 1 to 8

I don't know if you noticed, but we've already begun to see the flurries! That's a pretty good sign that it's time to get all bundled up in your coziest coat and warmest scarf; and don't forget those light gloves! You may soon be needing them if not already! Also on the horizon is Thanksgiving. So,

Hot this week – September 24 to 30

There has been so much chatter about fall. The colours, the chill in the air that signals the season's arrival, that gradual return to those beverages that make you feel all warm and cozy. And yet, the official beginning of the season didn't actually happen until last Saturday. But we all know that Mother Nature hardly concerns herself with such trivial details like our dates and timelines. That's OK, though, that's why you have us to keep you in the loop! Here's what's hot in Manitoba.

Hot this week – September 17 to 23

With the fall season already afoot, the indoor cultural hotspots are getting geared up for a brand new season to get you through the chilly months. Old haunts like the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra is livening things up with pop music, while Burton Cummings Theatre is bringing in the ballet. Here’s

Hot this week – September 10 to 16

It’s always sad to see summer go away. It seems as if it’s here for such a short time, so much so it almost feels as if there’s never enough time to fully embrace it. That said, fall is such a beautiful season and you know it’s just round the corner when the fall suppers start showing up. Take a

Hot this week – September 4 to 9

The long weekend has come to a close and we certainly hope that you’ve had a fantastic one. Even though the temperatures are feeling a little cooler, the events scene in Manitoba is heating up and showing no signs of slowing down! Stick around to discover what’s hot in Manitoba. Plan your next

Hot this week – August 27 to September 3

The week has barely begun and already thoughts are drifting to the weekend, which, as it turns out, will be a long one. While Labour Day, in my mind anyway, always feels like the unofficial adieu to summer, it’s still a weekend to look forward to and represents the perfect opportunity to spend time

Hot this week – August 20 to 26

Maybe you've got big plans for this week, or you haven't quite had a moment to even dream of making any plans yet. Wherever you are in the planning or non-planning phase, hopefully some of these events that we've come across may be of some help. Here's what's hot in Manitoba. Check out Assiniboine

Hot this week – August 13 to 19

Movies or the outdoors? Museum exhibits or theatrical plays? Cultural extravaganzas or jazz-filled evenings? Art galleries or Viking fests? So many options! No matter your pace of life or your pastime preference, we've got a list of what's hot in Manitoba for you to choose from. Learn all about