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Go north on your next adventure! 10 things to do in beautiful Flin Flon & Cranberry Portage

Summer in Manitoba is notoriously short, and while there's much to explore, why not take the road less travelled and set your sights on the pristine northern part of the province? Flin Flon, Manitoba is a MUST-SEE spot for adventurers of all kinds: families, couples, even groups of friends looking for outdoor adventure within reach of a city slicker's creature comforts. And, it's only 8 hours drive from Winnipeg - a reasonable distance for a long weekend adventure or summer getaway. 

6 ways to have fun at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

From vintage passenger planes to shiny propeller planes, the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada is the place to go for the plane lover in your life. Even if you're not a plane aficionado, you won't be able to help but marvel at the sheer size, scale and complexity of these winged machines.  Of course, for the littlest ones among us, planes hold an entirely different level of magic, mystery and marvel--how do those things get into the sky anyway?--and the aviation museum is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your family. 

Our mirror in the sun

It’s a place where stories carry emotional weight, yet moving through it can leave you inspired. It’s where a light shines on the missteps from long ago, yet forces you to recognize some of its stories are straight from today’s news. That’s what I wrote after my first visit to the Canadian Museum

Fort la Reine Museum: Peruse the pages of our pioneer past

Nestled on five acres of land on the eastern edge of Portage la Prairie, the lovely Fort la Reine Museum is one of the coolest pioneer villages in all of Canada. Dedicated to preserving the heritage of the prairies as well as the history of Portage la Prairie, the museum has over 25 historic

The BIG list of FREE

We love free stuff in Manitoba. Like, really love it. Being thrifty is our thing. We’re good at it. So much so that we have plenty of free events and attractions to show for it. So put your wallet away, for here’s a nice big list of stuff you can do when you need a budget-friendly day out. Because

Dalnavert Museum: Clues to our past

There is no mystery here: the Dalnavert Museum, the former home of a prominent Winnipeg family built in 1895, is a dramatic and striking restoration. Saved from a sure demise by the Manitoba Historical Society in 1969, the house and its